“Be Authentic, True, and Yourself” – (Artha Julie Nava)

Artha Julie Nava is a Certified Personal Branding Strategist & Certified Social Branding Analyst, founder of AJNConsulting, and a prolific writer who has won awards like The Best Blogger and Best Writer of Migrant Literature in Indonesia. She is proficient in Indonesian and English language. Her prior experiences including working as a researcher and consultant for projects funded by the World Bank, Unicef, Save the Children, RTI-Care, and Hellen Keller International.

Born from a simple and humble family in Indonesia (Southeast Asia), Julie saw how her society didn’t provide enough room for people to be themselves, and she wanted it to change. Since she was a kid, she determined to prove that she had a right to express herself, to reach her dreams, and to be successful. Her parents were important figures in her life. They supported her in almost every ways they could, encouraged her to be the best, and allowed her to travel far away to reach her dream. It was relatively uncommon in her society at that time, where girls usually were not having much option. But instead, her parents chose to let her to be herself, and she was so thankful to them.

Julie is passionate about being THE BEST in whatever she does. She is well-known among her friends and colleagues as an intelligent person, free-spirited, self-starter, caring, with high curiosity. She encourages her friends to find their unique talents, and use it as a way to gain success and enjoy the life. She believes that everybody has GREAT POWER to break barriers and to create their own success, and to create THE BETTER WORLD. Her current involvement with some business leaders fuels her energy. She found that business or entrepreneurship provides the room that she had dreamed of: as a GREAT WAY for people to be FREE, INDEPENDENT, AND TO BE THEMSELVES. She is also passionate while talking about women and development, because she knew from her experiences that every woman has their own unique potentials, and shouldn’t be limited just because they are women. Since in college, she was attracted to politics, journalism, and promoting freedom of speech.

Julie uses her experiences as a researcher and consultant, to help her clients to unveil their true potentials and to promote them. She believes that every person has UNLIMITED CHANCE to be the best, both in career and life. As a Branding Strategist, Julie is determined to do her best to help her clients in developing and promoting their brands. Her passions in research, writing, as well as her 8+ experiences as a consultant and researcher in various development projects, are proven as invaluable assets for her team. Intelligent and caring, and her ability to stay focus on her goals; has made her as the right person to discuss, design, and develop branding plans for her clients.